Session 346: Proving Progress

Thursday 23rd March 2017


Progress is one of those things that can sometimes be easy to prove, yet at other times can really be difficult to put your finger on. Testing students is the obvious way of proving progress to school leaders, parents, and the pupils themselves, but constant and formal assessments can become tedious for all involved, and don’t always show a true picture of the learning undertaken.

Following the #UKEdChat poll, this session explored how school, teachers and pupils can prove progress in everyday teaching and learning activities. In particular, the session asked the following questions:

  1. What formal requirements does your setting require from you to prove progress of pupils?
  2. How do you show progress to pupils?
  3. What can school leaders do to support teachers in setting targets to show progress?
  4. What steps can teachers take when progress is perceived to be poor?
  5. How can pupils help with the evidencing of their own progress and that of their peers?
  6. How can technology be used to evidence progress?

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Proving Progress Summary Infographic

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