Book: A Practical Guide to Nature-Based Practice by Niki Buchan

Published by Bloomsbury Education

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  • A great series of photographs demonstrating real learning experiences.
  • Encourages the use of real-world tools when working outside.
  • Considers safety issues, and including parents.
  • Helps provide links to curriculum statements.
  • Gets children outside!

Book review: For many children, the world outside is an awe-inspiring place, with plenty of environments to explore, play, and discover. Yet, a lot of learning undertaken is placed inside houses, play-centres, or schools, and children are whizzed around their worlds in cars. Many wild spaces are left unexplored, and the opportunities to enhance life-experiences for children can be ignored.

In this fantastic “Practical Guide to Nature-Based Practice“, Niki Buchan showcases the everyday opportunities that parents and practitioners can use (primarily aimed at the Early Years sector) to get young children outside to explore the natural world around them. Accompanied by a great collection of photographs, ideas, and safety considerations, Niki provides inspiration to encourage practitioners to break out of indoor settings to provide enriched practical and learning opportunities to encourage the naturally curious nature of children. Help let them explore their outside world – they are more likely to protect nature when they grow older!

From the publisher: There is a growing realisation that children benefit from being involved in wild spaces. They need dynamic and complex outdoor environments and opportunities for risk and challenge, to play with abandon, have first-hand experiences – places where there is adventure, delight, daring and joy! This book: Provides a background to forest school and its relevance to Early Years settings; outlines the challenges and benefits of outdoor learning; Explores the concept of nature-based practice; Emphasises the importance of free play o Includes case studies in which educators share their journeys into ‘wild nature’ This book will help adults and children alike to reconnect with their local environment – a must-have for any early years setting!

About the author:

Niki Buchan is an Educational Consultant with the Natural Learning Early Childhood Consultancy. She is passionate about the environment, animals and the people of Australia. She works internationally as a conference keynote speaker, nature pedagogue, nature kindergarten facilitator, naturalistic playground advisor, international study visit facilitator, mentor, author as well as delivering a large range of professional learning opportunities on all aspects of early child care.

Nikki has a great love for the outdoors and is an adventurer and keen photographer; seldom seen without a camera in her hand!

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