Session 347: Using multimedia in the classroom

Thursday 30th March 2017


With so many multimedia devices surrounding us in society, it seems impossible to ignore all this technology within a classroom environment. Students are used to using devices for social purposes, but how educators can utilise multimedia in the classroom is a challenge for many colleagues.

Following from the UKEdChat Poll, this chat session explored innovative ideas about using multimedia within the classroom, as well as sharing advice on how teachers can encourage colleague to embrace opportunities.


  1. What do you understand multimedia to be and how effective do you feel you use it in the classroom?
  2. How can video be used in class and what are the pros/cons?
  3. How can we use audio media to invoke atmosphere, understanding and learning in the classroom?
  4. What are the downsides to using multimedia in the classroom?
  5. What barriers are there to using media in the classroom?
  6. How can schools use media to strengthen home learning/communication?
  7. Share an experience where media was used well in your lessons.

Summary – Click on image to download PDF version (which is easier to read)


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