Session 348: Questioning Techniques


Questioning techniques –

Questions are probes into the mind – they should be spontaneous & authentic – emotionally charged & truly curious.

For the classroom teacher, getting the questioning right is vital on many levels, but pitching and targeting questions is a skill that needs constant review.

Following the UKEdChat poll, this UKEdChat session explored the questioning techniques teachers can use to ensure the best outcomes in the classroom. The session asked the following questions:

  1. To you, how important is questioning in your classroom – what do you (as the teacher) gain from it?
  2. What are the important aspects of asking questions in the classroom?
  3. What questioning techniques best work for you?
  4. How do you make sure key questions are given attention in each lesson?
  5. How can teachers support pupils to ask key questions to each other during lessons?
  6. What are the best / worst questions you’ve ever heard being asked by a colleague or pupil?

Summary Abstract

This UKEdChat session explored the important role that questioning takes in classrooms around the world. Teachers ensure that key questions are placed within the planning and they should meet the learning objectives for that session. Differentiating questions is also necessary to ensure each student has the opportunity to answer questions, giving an indication of where groups of students are in their learning. Various strategies are offered to allow teachers to develop skills that encourage higher order questioning and thinking.

Furthermore, encouraging students to develop their own line of questioning is given attention, with an importance placed on the modelling and facilitation role of the teacher. Dialogical strategies can also act as an assessment collection strategy for teachers, help to understand the development being made in any given subject.

The summary was inspired by the praiseworthy input from these amazing individuals:

@Mr_Misquitta, @digicoled, @mroberts90matt, @ICTMagic, @teacherchalky1, @uniobyharness, @earlyyearsideas, @keran77, @gilchristgeorge, @florabarton, @tgolightly, @doc_kirsty, @johnpearce_jp, @cullyeducation, @jljbusinessed, @nickotkdv, @mrpatelsawesome, @rehanashanks, @lcatherine91, @talestoolkit, @mrsvchilds, @darthaniel2007, @25maha.


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