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CHEMIST is a virtual chemical laboratory running on iPad/iPhone and Android devices where you can experiment with various lab equipment, procedures, and chemicals however you want—without the potentials of being harmed, which is great for teachers, school budgets, but mostly great for pupils!

This great little app provides apparatus, chemicals, and tools to allow students to experiment with 17 different apparatus, with maximum heat capacity of 900 � except the 100 mL and 250 mL boiler, which have higher heat capacity of 1200 �, along with 200+ built-in inorganic chemical reagents.

The app also includes four categories of chemicals, with the ability to tap on a reagent bottle to open the notes on that chemical. By exploring what happens to chemicals, the app has the ability explosions, which will occur as in reality – yes, a lot safer than blowing up the school!

This is a great app which could be used to demonstrate whole-class chemical reactions, or to allow students to experiment with mixes, heating and testing. What sets the app apart is the ability to produce a lab report, following an experiment, where you can view the reaction history of your experiment – being valuable to students and teachers learning about chemistry and chemical reactions at GCSE, A-Level or beyond.

At the time of publishing, the app was priced £7.28 (Google Play), or £8.99 on iOS. To view the Chemist app, click on the image links below:

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