Google’s AutoDraw makes anyone an artist…even me!

An experiment from Google


AutoDraw is an auto-suggestion improvement for your drawing

Drawing: My artistic aspirations were dashed when my painting in school was belittled in front of my classmates. It was then when I fell out with making any attempts to draw, and will rarely make an attempt. However, thanks to Google launching a new website, even I can create (digital) drawings that actually resemble what I am trying to create!

When you visit the AutoDraw website (which freely works on phone, computer, or tablet) the website uses machine learning algorithms to match your doodles with professional drawings to make you look like you know what you’re doing.

The experience is really easy. You simply start drawing your best version of a subject and the algorithms try to figure out what it is that you’re trying to draw, with ‘do you mean:’ suggests above your picture – a little bit like auto-correct suggestions when typing words. Our image below turned into the featured image for this article, at the top of the page.

Artists can upload drawings to the project here – yet you are also able to download your completed canvas as a PNG, if you so desire. Give it a go with your pupils.

Click here to visit AutoDraw – from Google

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