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Listening to a podcast is becoming one of the most popular ways of getting a little more depth into news, features or areas of interest, without getting distracted with pop-up adverts, commercials or trying you to engage with content that is not relevant to your circumstances at that moment in time.

Being able to download, subscribe and search for content that interests each person is so much easier, but what trumps podcasts over readable content is the ability to listen to episodes when convenient to you. In the car going to or from work (most new cars allow for easier smartphone connectivity via USB cables or Bluetooth), when taking the dog for a walk, or just in the background when you’re planning or marking, podcasts can be downloaded when you’re connected to a network, allowing you to listen at a time that suits you.

Most podcast apps are free to download, but some of the premium products offer convenient and advanced features allowing even greater flexibility. Once downloaded, searching for podcasts is simple enough, with many offering ‘search’ interfaces that hone in on the content that you’re after, or be interested in listening to. Remember, podcasts are free, but listeners need to be aware that some episodes will feature adverts, or promoted conversations, but these are usually transparent and, unlike listening to commercial radio, you easily can skip ahead 30-seconds if it’s too intolerable.

Below now, we list some of the best podcast apps available for Android, iOS, and Windows devices, along with some recommendations of downloadable podcasts that we think you may with to subscribe to, as educators. If we’ve missed your favourite podcast app, or you like to subscribe to a podcast which is great for educators, please let us know via the comments section at the foot of this page.

Apps for iOS Devices


Downcast - £2.99

A favourite – A great app that syncs over different Apple devices, but also allows bookmarking, and notifications when new episodes are published. Searching for podcasts is a breeze, and this is a great option for people who take podcasts seriously.Read More »

Overcast - Free*

A powerful yet simple audio podcast player, with features such as Smart Speed, Voice Boost, and Smarter Playlists to help you listen to more podcasts in more places, try new shows, and completely control your experience.

* In-App Purchase – Overcast Premium £8.99 per year to remove advertising.Read More »


Podcasts - Free

At a basic, yet functional level, there is always the trusted Podcasts app from Apple, so needless to say that your podcast collections sync across all devices. Searching is simple enough, as is the download facility. There’s nothing wrong with this app at all, but does not have all the bells and whistles that other apps feature.Read More »

Apps for Android Devices


Pocket Casts - £2.49

This is a great podcast player for Android, and worth the investment.  The developers have worked hard on user interface, creating lovely little features such as changing colours to complement podcast artwork! Totally unnecessary, but beautiful!Read More »

BeyondPod - Free*

This is a great functioning app which, on the surface is free, but for greater functionality you need to purchase an unlock key which currently costs £4.89, but this is a great podcast app if you rely on subscribing to podcasts via Feedly (Complete Feedly integration allows you to access older episodes that are no longer part of the publisher’s feed), so possibly a great Android app if you’re a Feedly connoisseur.Read More »

Podcast & Radio Addict - Free

This is a favourite app among many Android users as it allows  you to manage Podcasts, Radio on Demand, Audio books, Live stream radios, YouTube & Twitch channels and RSS News feeds from the single app.Read More »

Apps for Windows Devices


Grover Podcast

Reviewers are saying that this is the best podcast app for Windows devices, and as there is only a limited supply of choices on the Windows app store, this appears to be the go-to app for people wanting to listen to podcasts on their devices. Certainly an app worthy of exploration.Read More »


The most downloaded Windows Phone podcast application is now available for Windows PC. It is a good podcast app and it looks good. From reviews, it appears as though the developers are still working on the functionality, but within this limited market-space, another app worthy of exploration.Read More »


And then there’s Feedly. Feedly is an RSS reader, allowing you to pick up feeds from website, pushing highlights to you when new stories are published. However, it also allows you to add RSS feeds from podcasts, downloading to your feed so you can listen at your convenience. There is little more functionality offered than that, but Feedly is a good way of listening to podcasts which are not released frequently, or you don’t have the time (or device space) to download each episode when it’s published.

An account with Feedly is required (possible by signing in with your Google Account), and then accompanying apps on most app stores will pull the information for you as you add feeds into your library.

See more at feedly.comRead More »

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