Session 354: Handling Homework

Thursday 18th May 2017


A copious amount of research has concluded that the impact of setting homework is negligible, pointless, or even damaging to family life (Visit these links here, here and here). Yet there are few schools brave enough to stop the practice, and seeing students walk out of school with a couple of hours of homework planned before them.

Many teachers are compelled to set homework thanks to a school policy, parental expectations, or in a bid to ensure pupils are best set for oncoming examinations, so how can professionals go about setting relevant and enhancing homework that truly benefits students.

Following the online poll, this #UKEdChat session focused on homework, asking the following questions:

  1. What are your personal thoughts and views about setting homework (as a teacher or parent)?
  2. What is the approach of your school (homework policy) and how is it implemented?
  3. What sorts of conversations do you have with colleagues about the homework tasks being set?
  4. What are the most positive aspects of setting homework that you have experienced?
  5. What details do you focus on and review when reporting on homework?
  6. How do you support pupils who are genuinely unable to regularly complete homework tasks?
  7. Do accessibility and tracking of homework have an impact on quality and hand in rates?
  8. What aspects of #EdTech help you set homework tasks, and how do you ensure accessibility?
  9. If you were in charge of developing a new homework policy, what regulation would you include?


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