Session 355: Teaching Career Choices

Thursday 24th May 2017


The choices teachers make throughout their career can have a major impact on the opportunities which are available. At any stage, choices can be made to stay in the same school, location, or even within the same subject area or teaching phase. Many teachers feel compelled to climb up the career ladder in a linear and traditional way, whereas other individuals can feel that they wish to remove the shackles of expectations, targets and workload for another option which is less stressful.

Following the online poll, this #UKEdChat discussion explored the career choices available to teachers, including an exploration of choices that are possible beyond the teaching profession.

In particular, the session will ask:

  1. When you started off in your teaching career, how far up the teaching career ladder did you want to climb? What is the reality of that now?
  2. Does a teaching career always have to be linear?
  3. What role do you see as the pinnacle of your teaching career. What are the next steps?
  4. How easy or difficult is it to restore your teaching career when you’ve unexpectedly been thrown off course?
  5. What are the key skills teachers gain over time, and how are these transferable outside the profession?
  6. What is the best advice you would offer teachers just stepping onto the teaching career ladder now?

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