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Generally, young students do not capture the formative value of learning. They are oriented towards learning as an unavoidable and obligatory instrument for life. Learning to do and not to be. On the contrary, most adults study out of curiosity, passion and personal growth. That makes a big difference at the time to learn and memorise.

Now, knowing this how can we use this fact as educators, for our youngest students?

This article originally appeared in the May 2017 edition of UKEdChat Magazine - Click here to view

Encouraging them to study not just because it has to be done to get a good job, but also to enrich their souls, their spirits. Learning must be interesting and exciting. It must highlight all the wonderfulness and wideness that knowledge implies. Knowledge has to be seen as luxury, as a quality of life, as a true beauty.

It must be a pleasure to teach and a pleasure to learn. That way we can achieve our first connection with students, which is to share the same vision, the same motive in every meeting. A meeting that will always has to be pleasant and satisfying.

@mschiavelli Educator - London, UK

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