EduApp: Connected Earth

See how we travel and communicate around the Globe


Planet earth is connected by many ways. experience connectedness from a global perspective. Overlay roads, railways, navigable rivers, shipping lanes and flight routes to find out how we move across the globe. See the relationships between nodes of transport and communication. Activate the internet connection layer to see the submarine cables and how the populated areas of the world interact with each other.

The core structure of life is connectivity. This is key to understand our environment and behaviour. the connected earth app visualises a glimpse of this connectivity from which we experience life and the entire magic of creation. Raise awareness of the amazing planet we live on and be part of the growing number of globally conscious people in the world.

This is a great free app, for Android and iOS, allowing pupils to see how global and connected different countries are across the planet. With the different layers available, students can explore key routes across the oceans, along with critical communication cables that stretch around our planet. This app could easily be used in geography or IT lessons to explore how much we are all connected through different systems across the planet.

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