Session 361: Enrichment Days

Thursday 6th July 2017


Enrichment days (weeks or months) can allow schools, teachers and pupils to all let their hair down and provide a curriculum which falls beyond the usual expected requirements. Allowing such freedoms with the school day can offer a great mix of learning experiences, embedding social connections, or focusing on a theme or set of activities that inform about the world we inhabit.

Following the online #UKEdChat poll, this session explored enrichment activities in school, promoting the activities and learning that really work for everyone concerned.

The questions included:

  1. Define what an ‘enrichment day’ means in terms of your current school.
  2. What is the purpose of enrichment activities, and what are the outcomes?
  3. What are the most successful indoor activities for enrichment days you have been a part of?
  4. What are the most successful outdoor activities for enrichment days you have been a part of?
  5. How do you measure the success or failure of enrichment activities?
  6. What enrichment day activities would you like to see your school develop in the future?
  7. How do you manage / plan enrichment days in your school?
  8. How can we encourage all staff to be positive and embrace the benefits of enrichment days for pupils?


Many schools across the UK regularly collapse the regular timetable, offering their pupils a collection of Enrichment activities with experiences they may not encounter regularly.

Enrichment activities usually involve pupils doing something different, and trying out new activities along with social opportunities, but also allows for staff to showcase beyond their specialism, and show passion in something else. Outcomes are not necessarily defined, but the purpose should be about broadening horizons and opportunities for pupils. Uniquely, enrichment days (or weeks or months) offer exposure to new things/activities…new skills being learnt etc… also fun – something schools don’t normally have the time for!! Fundamentally, offering a building block to deep learning, a window to a beautiful landscape or simply a way to blur the boundary between learning and play.



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