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It’s no secret that UK schools could benefit from better investment. But whilst we’d all like a bit more cash in our budgets for some better quality resources or more impactful CPD, we educators are in a position to make much more profound investments than those.

New teachers typically make enormous investments in schools, from making resources and plans to building relationships and establishing clubs, but they rarely stay for the many years - it takes to experience the full returns on those investments. New managements, too, often make effortful investments: changes in policy, strategy, or ethos, for example. It is hoped that such changes will be allowed to prove their worth over time, but too often the tide of popular opinion changes before they’re given the chance.

Admittedly, it’s hard to have the patience to see investments through. But in the long term, a good teacher’s work is bound to pay dividends, whatever difficult losses are along the way. I recently made a close decision to stay in my job, despite the allure of a tempting fresh start. “Why?!” Friends asked exasperatedly, knowing how hard I’ve found the my two years in post.

“Because I have made an investment” is the answer.

This article originally appeared in the June 2017 edition of UKEdChat Magazine.

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