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I’m probably your worst nightmare. I’m ‘that’ parent, the one that has always been a little bit too involved at school – PTA, reading, chaperone, you name it, I’ve put my hand up for it.

I work in a primary school now, and it’s fair to say that my attempts to bring ‘outside’ skills such as marketing, copy-writing and general office experience into school have been met with a degree of resistance. Is it all just a little too ‘efficient’? Cost-conscious maybe? Not quite in the spirit of muddling along?

I gnash my teeth silently when I pass the TA who has spent the last hour photocopying 90 worksheets, then slicing them along all four sides so that each one can be stuck into 90 homework books. Or when I hear the teacher that’s been sending the same letter home about reading support since c.1998 with only a change in date, tut-tutting over the decline in responses over the years.

No one has any time. And because no one has any time to reflect on where they might save some time, more time is lost. How much precious time is wasted in your school?

This article originally appeared in the June 2017 edition of UKEdChat Magazine.

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@mrsjsbookbag Reading Champion – Devon, UK


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