Session 364: Teaching Resilience


Can teaching resilience really work? That is the key question at the heart of this UKEdChat session, exploring ideas, strategies, resources and activities that can be used to help our students build and nurture their own resilience.

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Resilience is built from experiences that life throws at us, and how one person reacts will be different to how another will act. Offering our students tools, strategies and strength to build their own resilience is now seen as more critical, as competition to do well in life is so pressurised, more than ever before. Social media, university or job opportunities are more difficult to obtain, so having strong resilient traits can help build character….or can it?

This UKEdChat session, following the online poll, explored how teachers and schools help pupils build up their resilience, especially when faced with many challenges within and outside of school.

The session asked the following questions:

  1. How important is it to teach resilience to our students, and why?
  2. How is it possible to teach the fundamental aspects of resilience? What activities/strategies are evident in your school?
  3. Share specific examples where you have admired resilient behaviours of your students. What happened?
  4. Where does resilience fit in with the important issue of mental health?
  5. How can you demonstrate to students why resilience is important? What examples can be used?
  6. Finally, the resilience of teachers. How resilient are you, and what motivates that resilience?



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