Book: Effective Transition into Year One by @ABCDoes

Published by: Featherstone – An imprint of Bloomsbury

Effective Transition into Year One (Learning Activities for Early Years)








Practical ideas





  • Supports teachers in ensuring transition into KS1 goes smoothly for pupils.
  • Provides a framework to teachers to guide pupils through the transition.
  • Offers practical ideas and guidance.
  • Easy to ‘dip’ into the book to help inspire and gain ideas.

Depending upon the school approach, the transition between the Early Years (pupils aged up to 5 in England & Wales) and (perhaps) the more formal approach of Key Stage One (KS1 – pupils aged 5-7 in England & Wales) can be a disruptive challenge for a significant number of pupils. The experiential and free-flowing learning methods of the early years can suddenly be countered by more formalised teaching activities, where expectations of learning and behaviour differ widely for many reasons.

There are many schools and colleagues who have the transition process from Early Years into Key Stage One down to a fine, and seamless art, with children thriving from their experiences and becoming more proficient learners. However, due to many factors, there are some schools and colleagues who really struggle to ensure that the transition goes smoothly, setting pupils up for a challenging couple of school years which can have a negative and profound outlook on their educational attainment.

Thankfully, support is out there, and a great starting point for teachers of Early Years and KS1 is to explore the transition process and activities presented by Alistair Bryce-Clegg in his book, “Effective Transition into Year One (Learning Activities for Early Years)”. Bryce-Clegg explores how the Continuous Provision framework that many use in the Early Years can help feed into a KS1 classroom, providing a bank of practical ideas and guidance to support teachers and schools.

Crucially, the book focuses on the emotional well-being of the pupils going through a transition into KS1, creating a healthy and effective learning environment, promoting high levels of attainment in Year 1 based on the effective principles of Early Years practice.

This book will be of use for primary school teachers, especially those working in Key Stage 1, and school leaders who want to support young pupils entering Year 1, looking to ensure that the transition process goes as smoothly as possible for all children.


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