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Making Every Science Lesson Count: Six principles to support great science teaching








Practical ideas





  • Offers 6 pedagogical concepts to support science teaching.
  • Supports a whole-school strategy for learning that could be adopted by all.
  • Practical ideas and theories that can be used across all science subjects.

I love science. It’s just fascinating but allows for practical exploration, demands our attention, and challenges how we experience the world. For teaching though, getting the message across to our students can be challenging, as articulating theories and ideas that science offers is no easy task. This is relevant to science subject specialists in secondary schools. How can we articulate the passion and interest that science offers in a way our students understand, can access, and help develop their naturally curious minds?

In his new book, “Making Every Science Lesson Count: Six principles to support great science teachingShaun Allison, explores his 6 pedagogical principles that can support secondary students (ages 11-16 years) in grasping often complex theories in the three main science subjects, leading up to GCSEs. The six principles – challenge, explanation, modelling, practice, feedback and questioning – can inspire an ethos of excellence and growth across a whole school.

Throughout the book, Shaun explores the six principles with a thorough commentary, adding substance to his ideas, offering practical advice, ideas and strategies that can help develop deep learning for students in science lessons. Crucially, the ‘modelling’ principle is very well considered, with Shaun offering nine strategies (such as live modelling and scaffolding), which can really bring the relevant learning to life for pupils who may be struggling with a particular concept.

This book is ideal for all secondary school science teachers, or for those teachers who may end up covering science lessons. The six principles offered form a critical base to support pupils learning and to develop their scientific thinking in theories that can be conceptually challenging, and are relevant to the three main subjects areas covered within the science curriculum.

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