Book: Motivating Unwilling Learners in Further Education by Susan Wallace

Published by Bloomsbury


Motivating Unwilling Learners in Further Education The key to improving behaviour








Practical ideas





  • Offers practical strategies to support pupils in FE sector.
  • Includes a section exploring strategies for pupils aged 14-16.
  • Concentrates on supporting learners to value themselves and others.
  • Highlights on some of the key factors that challenge behaviour in FE sector.

Motivating students once they arrive at the Further Education (FE) level – students aged 16-18 – can be a little more demanding, as young people stand on the verge of full adulthood, and treating them as children just doesn’t work anymore. At 16, some may be tired of the education system, and they just want to enter the big-wide world and start earning a wage. So, it is inevitable that teachers in the FE sector will come across those who are unwilling to learn any further.

In her book “Motivating Unwilling Learners in Further Education – The key to improving behaviour“, Susan Wallace identifies four big demotivators that can impact on FE students:

  1. Fear
  2. Boredom
  3. Previous negative experiences, and
  4. Loss of hope

These are complicated issues, often with a complex back-story involved, and can be intertwined, yet Susan Wallace calls for FE teachers to challenge such issues, with a series of strategies and ideas that can help return the motivation. Focusing on rewards, building positive relationships and encouraging motivation through respect for the self, this book gives even the most bewildered further education teacher the tools required for motivating their students. Interestingly, the book also includes a chapter on motivating 14-16-year-olds, as some FE establishments are being formed (within England), teaching students aged 14-19-year-olds, so the journey through this critical period of their education runs smoothly.

Concluding with a postscript, Susan reminds teachers working in this sector (and possibly all of us) to keep yourself motivated, offering a few pointers to help keep your enthusiasm levels up, even when faced with a group of unwilling learners. Just mix it all up a bit ?

This is a great little book for individuals who are embarking their teaching careers in the further education sector or those who need refreshment and inspirational ideas to add into teaching methods.


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