Book: Teaching Primary Geography by @StephenScoffham & @PrimaGeographer

Published by Bloomsbury


Bloomsbury Curriculum Basics: Teaching Primary Geography








Practical ideas





  • Over 30 geographic topic for KS1 & KS2 T&L.
  • Key Vocab, links & ideas.
  • Opportunities for cross curriculum learning.

The exploration opportunities that such a rich subject as Geography offers are boundless. There is just so much of our world to be discovered, understood and explored. Giving young students a powerful and meaningful start to their geographical adventures is something that should be one of the top priorities in helping children understand the world they are growing into, along with a sound understanding of the environmental legacy that will, one day, be theirs to clutch.

Finding inspiration to relate the real-world with geography can be time-consuming, and for many teachers, the temptation to repeat previous teaching sequences is strong. Yet, despite curriculum constraints, the opportunities to stretch geographical teaching and learning are varied, and Stephen Scoffham & Paula Owens have compiled over 30 relevant topics in their book “Bloomsbury Curriculum Basics: Teaching Primary Geography“.

With two Geography experts – and leading figures of the Geographical Association – authoring this book, there is something for any primary school teacher, structured around the requirements set out by England’s National Curriculum. Each of the topic includes three engaging lesson plans, which can be used in individual classrooms, or across the whole school, including key vocabulary, links, and cross-curricular activities. Chapter 10 – Routes and Journeys – I found particularly inspirational, by examining the journies made by birds as they migrate to and from the UK, and could easily be adapted to studying local wildlife, researching the journies made by different creatures.

This is a great book for those wishing to overhaul and update their Geography curriculum within a primary school and could be implemented by a subject specialist, leader or teacher who loves the potential opportunities such a rich subject as Geography has got on offer.


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