4 Premium Productivity Apps to Support Teachers

Premium apps to support productivity on Apple Devices


Sometimes you just have to pay for the finer things in life. Yes, there are a lot of apps available which are free but, in truth, they are not entirely free – there is some sort of sign-up process where the developers are mining the data you provide, or the app is besieged with advertisements. So, splashing out your cash on apps can sometimes be the best option, providing you with regular updates, dedicated developers who really care about their products or synchronisation across your devices.

As the development of apps has evolved, including the platforms they operate on, the ability to ease the organisational challenges in life have become more refined. Whilst the apps featured in this article come at a premium, the features that they display make organising busy lives less complex, with clever design, features and functionality that will keep you ready for the daily trials of being a busy teacher.

The apps mentioned in this article are mainly built for Apple devices (iPhone / iPad / Mac), with links directing to the relevant App Stores, unless otherwise indicated.

Things3 (Apple iPhone / iPad / Mac)

Having used Things3 since its launch, it has now become my work-flow to-do list app of choice, synchronising efficiently between devices. Updated from previous versions, this latest edition of the app has been reimagined to become a powerful task manager. Intuitive and easy to use, the app really does help to organise tasks that need doing, and creating workflows within doesn’t take much time to achieve.

Click here for iPhone Version Click here for iPad Version Click here for Mac Version

Fantastical (Apple iPhone / iPad / Mac)

If you’re just after a calendar that acts as though it is on steroids, then Fantastical for your Apple devices is a must. I have never used such an intuitive calendar before, and the AI built within easily adds key events to dates with such repose. With the updates continuing with the app, moving calendar dates is a simple drag and drop process, and synchronisation between your different online calendars is also straightforward.

Click here for iPhone Version Click here for iPad Version Click here for Mac Version

Affinity Photo (Apple iPad & Mac)

Editing and manipulating photos on devices are now common-place, and there are many tools available to ease the process for you. If you are simply wanting to crop and add filters, then admittedly, there are plenty of free apps available for undertaking those processes. However, if you want a more professional suite of editing features, then these Affinity Photo apps are worthy of serious consideration.

iPad – It is worth noting, due to the complexity of this app, that the app is only supported on newer versions of the iPad, but those with access can enjoy a virtually seamless experience of a professional photo editing tool you would expect to see on the desktop version. Let’s face it, this app is designed for the photography geek, with full support for unlimited layers, adjustment of many photography settings, and a huge collection of effects available to give your finished image a professional look.

Mac – Similarly, the Mac version is equally as impressive, offering the majority of features you would expect to see in products which are more expensive. In fact, the Mac version allows you to open PSD files, along with standard photo image files. With a meticulous focus on workflow, it offers sophisticated tools for enhancing, editing and retouching your images in an incredibly intuitive interface with all the power and performance you’d ever want.

Not available for iPhone Click here for iPad Version Click here for Mac Version

Windows – Affinity Photo is also available as a Windows Desktop app, offering the same functionality, precision and sophisticated tools as described in the Mac version.

Click here to view the Windows version of Affinity Photo.

MindNode (Apple iPhone, iPad & Mac)

There are tonnes of MindMap apps in the app stores offering a mix of functionality but, irritatingly, many now offer additional in-app purchases or subscriptions that questions whether it is work using them. But mind maps can be useful for planning, for learning, and for brain dumping.

Reasonably priced, and full of the practical functionalities you would expect for mind-mapping, MindMode is a great companion to quickly and easily create a mindmap, without having to worry about design, functionality or complex additions which just get in the way.

Click here for iPhone Version Click here for iPad Version Click here for Mac Version

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