UKEdMag: Simple VLE Strategy to Support Learning by @EddieMConlon


VLE: Give students control of their learning, whether they are catching up, revisiting it or getting ahead.

1. Start the year with VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) induction activities, and then refer to the VLE throughout the course.

2. VLE resources should be scaffolded for each topic and provide differentiation

PRESENT: Video tutorials support classroom teaching and learning for students struggling with a particular topic

APPLY: Quizzes and games reinforce assessment of knowledge and skills

REVIEW: Assignments assess the complete topic, on an individual or collaborative basis, to see if students can apply the learning to larger problems

3. Online work should still be supported with face-to-face feedback, especially if students approach the teacher, but also when the VLE data shows intervention is required. This helps students continue progressing and shows what else needs to be done in class and online.

Here’s what some students, who quickly bought into this approach, said:

“Promote it more in class and give tasks to do at the start of the course to get … familiar with what is on it.”

“Great to have access to [videos] at home while studying.”

“More likely to revise with a game than with typed paragraph.”

This article originally appeared in the July 2017 edition of UKEdChat Magazine

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@EddieMConlon Lecturer – Belfast

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