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Finally, after months of hard work, testing and planning we’ve released the Hubert beta (free of charge ofc.). This is our first trembling step toward our long term goals of understanding how effective teaching happens and to share these insights with teachers around the world.

The beta is based upon three questions:

  1. What the teacher should start doing that would improve the course.
  2. What the teacher should stop doing that would improve the course.
  3. What the teacher should continue doing that is working well.

These three questions have been proven to provide qualitative and constructive feedback. See article.

We’ve found that they work best as a formative evaluation a few weeks into class. Sending your first evaluation is extremely simple, let me explain how it works.

1. Sending your first evaluation

First, create your very own free account at and log in.

You’ll be taken to the ‘Start’-tab where you’ll be prompted to fill out some information on the class you wish to get feedback from.
If you don’t have access to email addresses, don’t worry, you’ll be given a link in the next step.

Fill out course name and email addresses, and that’s it! Press ‘Send evaluation’ and you’re all done.

In the next popup, the shareable link is visible:

Remember to only share the link to those who you can’t access by email. Those who are given the link won’t receive any reminders.

2. Reviewing results

One week after you sent it out, your evaluation is closed and the final results will be compiled. Next you’ll receive an email informing you that the results are available.

Follow the link in the email or log on to your Hubert-account where you’ll notice a small red dot in the ‘Evaluations’-tab.

That takes you to the page where you’ll find the results from your evaluation.

In the evaluation above we see that Hubert have had 6 conversations about the course ‘Nils’. 83 percent of the replies were positive and 17 percent were negative. In the boxes you’ll find the most agreed upon strengths and what areas could be improved. Clicking on each category presents the sentences related to that area. For example, clicking on ‘course design’ presents all opinions related to that.

If you want to explore the entire conversation, just press the ‘CSV-file’-button under the Evaluations-tab to get a transcript of all conversations between Hubert and your students.

We in the Hubert development team hope you’ll enjoy the beta and find it helpful to your work. Please get back to us if you have any feedback on how to make Hubert even better.

Now, start evaluating!
Create account now:

For us at, it’s now time to focus all our efforts on building the next generation of end-course evaluations.

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