Why teachers must update their CVs at once by @susanwalter99

Conclusion – Opportunities and Unexpected Challenges – Events!

I started by talking about the importance of preparation, and I end in the same way.

Preparation for an uncertain future, teachers preach it, but when it comes to their own career development too many let their schools, their prospective schools, and themselves down. At best they are not modelling (“do as I do”) to students and parents, at worst they force their school or prospective school to appoint someone who may not be the best candidate and neglect the development of their own teaching journey by scorning job opportunities.

So, even if you do not want to move schools, or even into a new role just yet, as a minimum what you do by being prepared is model what you tell your students and parents about preparation, while at the same time gaining clarity on how you are growing as a teacher and a learner and how you continue to have an amazing impact on the young lives you help shape and grow every day.

As you’ve read to the end of this blog I suspect I got you at “Teaching is not just a job” and you want a long term career journey of professional development and discovery, and believe that preparing for your next job is of huge value to both you and your current school. So, the earlier you start preparing for your next move the better that move will be. The more focus and effort you put into the mechanics of the recruitment process now, the more likely it will be that your passion, your value and your commitment will not only be clearly communicated to recruiters like me but you’ll also be prepared for all possible “Events!”

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