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Differentiation works in two different ways. The first is via the learning outcomes of the lesson. On every Powerpoint, in every room, there are three different ways for students to meet the learning objective. For example:

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Then, within the lesson, students are presented with different opportunities to choose a task that will guide them to a particular pathway. Students in every class should be aware of what level they should be working at, allowing them to choose appropriately from the options. These guided choices allow students to choose to challenge themselves in lessons, motivating them to progress.


Here is how these tasks might be applied to an example lesson:


Differentiation in this way allows for as tailored an experience as is possible in the mainstream classroom. While this obviously will not cover all of the necessary differentiation for a lesson, it provides enough coverage for you then, as a classroom teacher, to target the individual students that you know may need finer, more detailed differentiation.

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