Strategy Six: Differentiated Outcomes by @MeophamSchool

This can also be applied to group work settings. There are several different ways that the differentiated pathways, leading to different levels of outcome, can be used within group settings.


Again, this is not an exhaustive list of strategies in order to make differentiation easier. However, it is considerably simpler than producing different worksheets for different students. When embedded into the classroom culture, the different pathways leading to different outcomes allow students to make educated choices on what they should be attempting in the lesson. It also provides them with an indication of what they should be aiming for in order to improve up from red to amber, or amber to green.

In short;

  • Differentiated outcomes allow for all students to meet the learning objective in some way.
  • Differentiated tasks and pathways in lessons allow for students to make educated choices on what tasks they should complete in order to challenge themselves and progress.


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