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Do your students dread every maths test? Is ‘how to make Maths more interesting’ a frequent topic of discussion in your teacher’s meetings? Well, maths tutors or teachers have been battling such questions since long now.

Not all the students have the same aptitude for maths. To some, it comes naturally; but for a majority of others, math is often a boring and dreaded subject. So for the latter type of audience, you need to try some different and innovative techniques rather than the old-style dull teaching manner.

Try these 6 ingenious ways which are sure to help you pique the interest of your students in maths and sharpen their mathematical skills.

1. Merge their Interests with Lessons

Instead of hammering lessons in a monotonous manner, try merging the common interests of your students with the lessons. If they love baseball you can teach by using techniques such as recording statistics of the game or calculating batting averages. If most of them like computers, try and find for them a coding class of beginner’s levels. The possibilities are endless.

2. Make a Game out of it

One of the simplest yet the most effective ways is to make a game out of Maths. How about arranging a Math scavenger hunt? You can form teams in your class and make clues out of math problems. The teams will have to solve the problems in order to reach to the final treasure. Students of all grades can play these fun and interactive math games to practice mathematical concepts while improving their memory and concentration at the same time.This approach of a healthy competition will help the students to embrace the subject in a fun way.

3. Get Parents Onboard

You can even join hands with their parents. Discuss your goals with the parents and ask them to assign simple daily chores which involve math to their children. For instance, calculating the monthly grocery expenses, store discounts, gas mileage etc. All of these activities help keep the maths element active in the minds of students even at home, in a fun way.

4. Incorporate Interactive Online Maths Tutorials

The Internet is an inseparable part of every student’s life. So use this to your advantage by searching the web for interactive and interesting online maths tutorials. Most of them are free and employ an innovative approach to explaining concepts which students find difficult. They are designed to help students understand complicated subjects better and faster.

5. Share Stories about Mathematicians

Give an interesting twist to a subject which is considered boring because of facts and figures. There are so many stories about famous mathematicians like Rene Descartes, Ptolemy, Pythagoras etc., from across the world which can build the interest of your students in this subject. You can share some of them and even ask the students to research for such stories which they can then share with their classmates. This enhances their interest in the subject as they get to actually find out how some of the greatest mathematical concepts were founded.

6. Let them Create Mock Tests

You can ask the students to form groups and let each group create a mock math test. The groups can then exchange papers and compete to see which of them finishes the test first with maximum score.

Even if they create wrong questions, get them to discuss what’s wrong with the questions. This activity of developing questions will help students gain an in-depth understanding of the topic.

You can use all of the ways listed above to transform the way your students look at Maths. You can change it from a boring or dreadful subject to an exciting challenge for them. All you need to do is recognise the aptitude and interests of your students and approach the subject accordingly. A bit of patience and lots of creativity is all you need to make math more interesting for them.

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