Teaching Creative Thinking

Thursday 12th October 2017

#UKEdChat Session 375 – Thursday 12th October 2017

Too often, our students don’t get the chance to think beyond the narrow constraints of a curriculum. The focus can be purely on developing the pupils to pass their exams, and not to creatively think how they can overcome challenges that they may soon be faced with. Teaching creative thinking is now, more than ever, crucial to prepare young people for future jobs, societal changes, and life situations which we cannot predict accurately. One thing is for sure, being able to creatively think is a life skill that will support them through the uncertain future ahead, and allowing space and time to develop this capability is essential, with schools well-placed to encourage growth.

Following the online #UKEdChat poll, this session explored strategies, resources and ideas that teachers and schools can use to support pupils to think creatively.

  1. How important is creative thinking in your subject?
  2. In your opinion, what key skills encompass creative thinking?
  3. How important is creative thinking in giving pupils a well-rounded education?
  4. What activities in your subject support the development of creative thinking?
  5. What training have you had, or think would be beneficial to improve your teaching of creative thinking?
  6. Does the school system stifle creativity and, if so, what can be done?
  7. Does creative teaching require creative teachers?
  8. What role does independence play in creativity?
  9. Does specialisation improve or decrease creative thinking?
  10. How do you strive to be more creative as an educator?

Scroll down to read through the archive, and listen to the podcast that accompanied this session below.

Click to view archive: 375-Teaching Creative Thinking

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