Understanding Autism

#UKEdChat Session 378 – Thursday 2nd November 2017

The term ‘autism‘ covers a wide spectrum of characteristics, with some individuals living with mild, and often undiagnosed forms, whereas others live with a more profound version of autism which can be more restricting for them and their families.

There are a plethora of neurological conditions which fall under the autism umbrella (Autistic Spectrum Disorder - ASD), including ADHD, OCD, anxiety, specific learning difficulties and Tourette’s, but also some of the brightest and methodologic minds also sit within the autistic spectrum, all offering unique and stretching requirements for teachers.

Indeed, for teachers, understanding autism is an essential dimension of the role, with training, understanding and experience of working with individuals often overlooked until faced with individuals displaying autistic characteristics. Therefore, this #UKEdChat session aimed to explore and help educators understand autism, offering strategies, definitions and signpost resources that can support pupils living with autism.

The questions and archive are below. The summary is currently being compiled.

Q1. Autism is an umbrella term. Which versions of Autism have you had experience of in your own teaching?

Q2. What training have you had in identifying Autistic Spectrum Disorders?

Q3. Once identified, what are the immediate first steps and who should be involved?

Q4. What are the best strategies for managing Autistic Spectrum Disorders needs in your school/classroom?

Q5. How can we support other adults who are assigned to work with ASD pupils?

Q6. Which strategies haven’t worked?

Q7. How can schools enhance relationships with parents to support ASD pupils?

Q8. How can other pupils play a role?

Q9. What advice would you give to teachers teaching for the first time a child with Autism?

Q10. What are the true joys of working with ASD pupils?

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