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Most people seek control because of fear. Fear of making mistakes, fear of failure, fear of change. Do you need everything in your classroom to be exactly how you want it to be?

The reality is, that teaching in schools today is stressful enough, without adding to your workload with additional mental anxiety. As a teacher, do you need to start asserting your ‘No gene’ and let go of control?

At work, you need to say no when….

Saying ‘yes’ involves doing the person’s job for them.

You already have a full workload (that is representative of your hours and salary) and the ‘extra’ is resulting in you feeling stressed, anxious or affecting your home life.

Communication is the cause. Are you regularly asked to complete last minute tasks by someone who doesn’t understand the term ‘time management’? Their pressure and stress, should not become yours!

When the task is unrealistic – before saying yes, it’s perfectly reasonable to take time to ask some questions, so you fully understand what is expected. Don’t be afraid to say ‘I need to sleep on it’ (even if you aren’t going to sleep!).

So, this week, try letting go of the small things, manage your expectations and write yourself a well-deserved post it…Note to self: It’s ok to say no.

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@NicMasters2 Primary Teacher/Consultant – Milton Keynes, UK.

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