Making the Most of the Commute

#UKEdChat Session 383

#UKEdChat Session 383 – Thursday 7th December 2017

Getting to and from school is usually a chore, and research shows that travel times to work has nearly doubled over the last 15 years as more of us are living further away from our place of work. In this session we will explore what you currently do in this time (apart from the obvious: travel) and how to set yourself up for a productive day. We will also discuss how to improve the commute for your pupils.


  1. How long does your commute take, how do you travel, and what is your route like?
  2. Has your commute increased and what is the maximum length you would consider?
  3. Do you see your commute as part of your work, or a moment to ‘zone out’ and relax?
  4. Apart from the actual travel, do you use your commute for anything else?
  5. How can we use the commute to set ourselves up for the day, and to switch off on the way home?
  6. Can we use our commute for CPD? How?
  7. What issues do your pupils face getting to and from school, and how could they be solved?
  8. Is there a way teachers can help pupils prepare for school on their commute?

Making the Most of the Commute

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