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I have an iPad Air 2.

The following are the main things that I often use my iPad for:

  • responding to emails
  • online searches
  • collating documents especially in pdf form
  • saving images and short video clips
  • reading books via Kindle and iBooks
  • watching BBC iPlayer!

In spite of moving to more of a cloud-based storage system, I also like to have the option of using hard drives. So part of my issue with my iPad is that it does not have a USB connection (I know there are USB attachments which can be used. In my opinion, it is complicating an essential feature which should already be incorporated). This is the main reason I do not use the iPad as extensively as I could.

I use iBook extensively as I tend to scan most of my meeting documents to limit sheets of paper.

This is where my favourite app Notability comes into its own.

I love the fact that it has a feature which lets me write over the document. Having failed to master this technique on the device, I moved onto typing comments as part of my document annotations. I can highlight key words/sentences.

And the best part is that I can add voice-over comments.

I think that Notability is a fantastic application that also helps me to save time.

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