A Close Look at Educational Technology

#UKEdChat Session 388 – Thursday 25th January 2018

There is research both supporting and warning against using technology in the classroom. In this session of UKEdChat we will be exploring your experience of using educational technology, what pitfalls you have discovered, and the successes you have had with EdTech in your teaching.

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  1. Do you think you are above, below, or an average user for the amount of technology you use in your teaching?
  2. Do you think that EdTech is value for money for the impact on learning?
  3. Describe a specific success you have had using technology in your classroom.
  4. What EdTech hasn’t worked for you?
  5. How do you research new EdTech when you are actively looking for an item/service?
  6. How do you keep up to date with EdTech developments?
  7. What has been your favourite EdTech item/service recently?
  8. What do you think the next big thing in EdTech will be? Why?

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