Teaching vs. Everything Else

#UKEdChat Session 391 – Thursday 15th February 2018

Teaching, if you let it, will take over your life. Too many of us can think of times when family were put into second place behind our teaching commitments, not to mention our health, diet and sleep. Despite all the talk of wellbeing, a culture of ‘look how hard I work’ pervades our profession. Not surprising when this is often encouraged and rewarded. In this UKEdChat we will discuss the merits and pitfalls of navigating this difficult balance and, together, find some solutions.

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Q1. How do you separate ‘school time’ in your own thoughts? Does it extend beyond when you are physically in the building?

Q2. How far should schools support your committments outside of school?

Q3. Do you feel you place yourself under pressure, or is the pressure applied by other members of staff?

Q4. Do you think that being a teacher has had a detrimental impact on your health? If so, how can this be improved?

Q5. What can senior staff do to truly make a different to your work/life balance?

Q6. Is being sleep deprived just part of the job?

Q7. What realistic measures can schools and policymakers take to improve the wellbeing and work/life balance of teachers?

Q8. What are your top tips for improving teachers’ wellbeing?

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  1. For all these great questions:
    better a live dog than a dead lion

    Teachers are at HIGH risk of burn out at this time, they must set limits, lower expectations and review productivity ‘goals’

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