Sharing Professional Development & Up-Skilling Others

#UKEdChat Session 392 – Thursday 22nd February 2018

A big, but infequently discussed part of the teaching job is sharing our expertise and improving others. As educators it is often assumed that the skills we use in the classroom transfer to giving CPD. In this session we will explore how best to share what you know and help everyone become better at what they do.

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  1. Are teaching skills the same for delivering good professional development? Any additional skills needed?
  2. Do you think your school uses the expertise of staff well to deliver training? How quickly does your school hire outside experts?
  3. What constitutes poor professional development in your option? Can you cite examples you have experienced?
  4. What constitutes excellent professional development in your option? Can you cite examples you have experienced?
  5. Do supporting materials improve the training experience? What best practice have you seen or would like to see?
  6. Trainers often prioritise an inspirational message over substance… Discuss!
  7. Other than training sessions in schools, how else can teachers share their expertise?
  8. What is the best piece of advice you were given about teaching that helped your expertise?

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