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I like the quote by the Dalai Lama,

“Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible”

It may always be possible but life is busy and although I don’t think that most people (including me) intend to be unkind they can sometimes be thoughtless rather than unkind.

At school amongst other bits and pieces, I oversee the School Council. Our School Council consists of children from Y1 to Y6 and at a recent meeting, they brought their suggestions as to what we could do to make our school even better. They came up with several suggestions including

  • Reintroduce Random Acts of Kindness awards
  • Reintroduce Headteacher awards

Initially, these don’t look very innovative as they are reintroducing something that previously existed but for both, they wanted a slight change.

The Random Acts of Kindness awards used to be on noticeboards down corridors and some teachers almost “invented” acts so that 3 a day could be issued. The school council want the acts to be written on large laminated leaves and put up in the entrance hall so they can be seen by everyone who comes to the school – one child per class per week. They think that this way “proper kind things will be chosen”.

They also wanted a major twist to the Headteacher awards. Previously teachers chose one child per key stage but now rather than teachers nominating a child they wanted the headteacher to recognise something that a member of staff had done.  They gave several examples of things that they had seen teachers and TAs doing that they felt were worthy of recognition.

Our school is not always the easiest of schools but our children recognise that both the children and adults within it often go that extra mile. They recognise that it is good to be kind and want us all to look out for kind acts. I would not want anyone to be kind so that they could be recognised for it but maybe even that isn’t so bad. If they are constantly being kind then perhaps it will become a habit. Then we can get closer to proving that kindness is always possible.

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