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#UKEdChat Session 394 – Thursday 8th March 2018

Education has many different purposes for many different people, but the idea that education improves one’s ability and standing is usually a given. But should schools actively strive to improve social mobility and to what extent? This week #UKEdChat is discussion social mobility and education. A contentious issue and term, which means different things to different people. We look forward to seeing what it means to you. Perhaps a heated debate ahead.

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  1. Should schools actively strive to improve social mobility?
  2. Is the education system set up in a way which reinforces the social order and inequally?
  3. What can individual teachers do to improve the social mobility of their pupils?
  4. How can we improve social mobility while not devaluing certain jobs and professions?
  5. How could/are school career services be utilised to improve social mobility?
  6. How can schools, parents and the wider community work together to improve aspirations?
  7. With the equality gap widening, how can we prevent our pupils falling behind?
  8. Can technology be used to improve access and equality?

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