Questions about Inspections with @Ofstednews

During April (2018), UKEdChat is holding a question and answer session with Sean Harford, who is an HMI and Ofsted’s National Director, Education – leading on policy for EY, Schools and FE & Skills in England.

The format of the session will be available to the UKEdChat community shortly afterwards, but we are opening up questions to the UKEdChat audience, that will be asked during the question and answer session.

You can ask about myths, the inspection process, how Ofsted impacts on your teaching, etc.  All reasonable questions will be put to Sean, and we’re making it simple for you to drop your questions to us.


If you wish to remain anonymous, then we will respect that, although we may not be able to ask all questions that are sent in.


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  1. When will school libraries and professional libraries and the important role they play be included as necessary for an outstanding school? Too many librarians being made redundant and libraries removed.

  2. How can a secondary school be awarded “outstanding” when it has closed its school library or never planned to incorporate one in a new school build? Libraries are not just there for KS3 reading but can deliver critical thinking and independent study skills to the whole school community in preparation for the 21st century workplace and HE so why does Ofsted ignore them?

  3. How can we shift the culture so that as a system we do not have so many expectations of inspections? Can one of the ‘myths’ be that inspection outcomes are only one measure of the success or failure of a school and DO NOT tell the whole story?
    We know that there is weak teaching in Outstanding schools and we also know that pockets of excellence are evident in schools in Special Measures. Howw can Ofsted capture that in their reports?

  4. What can be done to ease the pressure on heads who join schools, with am outstanding judgement, and inadequate outcomes?

  5. Is there a view on how long it should take a new head and their team to bring results back up to national standards?

  6. Could there ever be an option of inviting OFSTED in to consult on School improvement in between inspections and judgement?

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