Heroes in Education

#UKEdChat Session 395 – Thursday 15th March 2018

Heroes hide in plain sight. They walk amoung us and you probably unknowingly meet many each day. You might even be one yourself, because everyone has their own heroes. In this session of #UKEdChat we are discussing role-models, positive pupils-teacher relationships, and your own education heroes.

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  1. Do you feel that a lack of role models has an impact of the learning of your pupils?
  2. Generalising, who would you say are the current role models of the pupils you teach?
  3. (a) Should schools promote positive role models and (b) how might schools do that?
  4. Are there particular subject/topic areas with are a good opportunity to discuss about role models? Why?
  5. How do you try to be a positive role model for your pupils?
  6. Do you promote pupils as role models to other pupils? Pros and cons?
  7. Who were/are your educational heroes? Why?
  8. How can we be a hero to fellow educators?

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