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#UKEdChat Session 396 – Thursday 22nd March 2018

The classroom is one of the most dynamic social locations one can find. Each individual brings so much with them into the classroom and leaves a slightly different person than which they came. The interplay of myriad interactions between the pupils, teachers and others is a carefully choreographed dance of directed by the educator conducting and providing the learning opportunities. At the centre of all of this is communication and this is what we will discuss in this UKEdChat session.

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  1. Do you think that ‘pupil voice’ is strong in your school and how can it be improved?
  2. How do we ensure that every pupil has the opportunity to voice ideas/opinions in lessons?
  3. What role does written communication, such as marking and feedback, play in your classroom?
  4. How do you communicate with pupils when they are not in class? What are your ‘dos and don’ts’?
  5. How does your school cater for pupils who have difficulty to communicate?
  6. How can we make more time for learning conversations with lessons and what form should they take?
  7. How can we cater and respect pupils who wish to work by themselves in a system which largely celebrates collaboration?
  8. When we have so much we need to teach, how can we make the time to listen?

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