A Close Examination of Revision

#UKEdChat Session 398 – Thursday 5th April 2018

#UKEdChat Session 398 – Thursday 5th April 2018

The sun is out (occasional) and the snow has (just) gone. It is the perfect time to enjoy the outside environment. This can only mean one thing… exams! Just as things begin to warm up here in the UK we shut a large section of the school population, both figuratively and often physically, into revision mode. In this session of UKEdChat (which you can enjoy outside if you wish) we will discuss whether there is a better way, how to make the most of revision, and mitigating the impact on the rest of the school and learning.

Join us from 8pm(UK) on Twitter. Look for the #UKEdChat hashtag. Add this to your Google Calendar.

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  1. Should pupils be given specific revision tasks during holidays?
  2. Do you teach revision skills? If so, what methods do you teach?
  3. Which revision methods do not work?
  4. Does your school provide general revision sessions? What do (would) these look like?
  5. How can pupils (and teachers) maintain their well being during intensive revision?
  6. How can we encourage continual, ongoing independent revision of previous knowledge?
  7. How can technology be used to aid revision?
  8. What innovative or original revision methods do you share with your pupils? What worked for you?

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