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#UKEdChat Session 399 – Thursday 12th April 2018

Reading and learning seem to go together, but a shift in reading habits is changing the way we consume information and changing our relationship with a book. Should schools embrace this change, or celebrate a traditional model of reading and paper books? How are books being used in today’s classrooms, and how could they be used better? What are the reading habits of teachers and how do educators use books to improve their teaching? Fresh from our day exploring the @LondonBookFair, these are just a few areas we will explore in this #UKEdChat discussion.

Join us from 8pm(UK) on Twitter. Look for the #UKEdChat hashtag. Add this to your Google Calendar.

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  1. Is reading for pleasure taught or innate and either fostered or lost at school?
  2. What school-based activities motivate and demotivate readers?
  3. Does the type or topic of reading material being read matter?
  4. What are your favourite children’s books? See our wiki list of children’s books and edit the list by registering here.
  5. How can adults be a ‘reading role-model’, both in school and in the wider community?
  6. What is the role of technology in acquiring reading skills?
  7. What are your favourite CPD books to improve your teaching? See our wiki list of CPD books and edit the list by registering here.
  8. How do you follow-up the CPD you have discovered from a book?

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