Combating Conflict

#UKEdChat Session 402 – Thursday 3rd May 2018

In an ideal world, lessons would be learnt, progression would be made and everyone would get along. However, whether low-level comments or open warfare, conflict can impinge on the learning of pupils. And that is just when the teachers are arguing! In this session of UKEdChat, we discussed how to avoid conflict in the classroom, the staffroom and in the playground. Don’t argue… just be on #UKEdChat at 8pm(UK).


  1. Recount a situation when conflict impinged on the learning within your classroom.
  2. In your experience, what doesn’t work to resolve conflict in the classroom?
  3. In your experience, what works well to resolve conflict in the classroom?
  4. How can teacher/pupil personality clashes be managed or avoided?
  5. What can we all do to when teacher/teacher personality clashes occur between colleagues?
  6. Can competition and ‘managed conflict’ be used to enhance learning?
  7. What should teachers do first if conflict with a parent occurs?
  8. What would you like to improve about your conflict resolution skills?

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