Life After Exams

#UKEdChat Session 403 – Thursday 10th May 2018

We are currently deep in the middle of exam season here in the UK, but the end is in sight. But what do you and your pupils do with this strange time after exams when so much of your time effort (blood and sweat). Do you revel in the limbo and become demob happy, or full throttle to the end of the year? In this session of #UKEdChat we discuss your plans and opinions to ‘life after exams’.

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  1. What thoughts keep you and your pupils going during exams seasons and exam preparation?
  2. What are the priorities for teachers once exams have finished?
  3. What are the priorities for pupils once exams have finished?
  4. How does the dynamics of your classroom change as you stand down from exam mode?
  5. Does the balance of academic work and pastoral activities change exam a period of exams?
  6. How does your role as a teacher change when there are no exams to work towards for a while?
  7. What are your favourite academic activities for after exams?
  8. What are your favourite pastoral activities for after exams?

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