Keeping Privacy in Education

Thursday 31th May 2018

#UKEdChat Session 406 – Thursday 31th May 2018

GDPR might mean that your data is better protected, but one thing that everyone knows is that we are already bored about hearing about it. Training sessions, the media, school business managers looking pale with worry… as GDPR approached the hysteria about data and potential leakage reached its zenith. Schools collect a lot of data about pupils, the wider community and, yes, their staff.

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In this session of #UKEdChat, we discussed how data is used in schools, how it can be used better to improve learning outcomes, and how to ensure data is protected, not just because of our legal responsibilities, but also because it is the right thing to do for the people in our charge.


  1. What is the bare minimum of data needed by class teachers on a daily basis?
  2. What are the main sources of data within your classroom/school?
  3. How has your handling of data changed with the new legal requires coming into effect?
  4. Do you feel confident at handling data? What further training do you want/need?
  5. What information is collected about staff which you feel shouldn’t be or is misused?
  6. For schools in general, what are the weakest points for potential data leakage?
  7. How is information treated once pupils leave the school?
  8. What information would you like to know which you don’t currently collect?

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