App: PhotoBulk by @EltimaSoftware for Windows and Mac

One of the most frustrating aspects of being on social media is the ability to acquire images, and post and use them as your own, without truly acknowledging where you got the image from, or without crediting the creator. When you find that your work is being used by others, who are taking credit for it or, even worse, receiving payment, then steps are needed to rightfully protect your creativity.

If you take and post lots of images on social media, then protecting your images, with correct credit, is easy with the bulk photo editor app (for Windows and Mac) PhotoBulk. Simply put, PhotoBulk allows you to implement an array of useful actions, like placing watermarks on photos, optimizing and resizing it to your specific requirements. This is really useful if you are wanting to post a lot of images in a short space of time, and don’t want to go through each one to individually watermark, optimize, or resize. You can position your watermark wherever you like, using the font pallet on your computer, but also you can choose the opacity level, so not to lose the essence of the image subject. The resize and optimize tools are also easily accessible and are great to ensure that your uploads retain their quality, whilst ensuring the potentially big file sizes don’t slow down the viewing experience.

I like the ease of this app, having tried it on Windows and Mac, and the ability to undertake key photographic processes necessary before posting online makes this app worthy of exploration to anyone who uploads images regularly. The intuitive nature of the app ensures that the learning curve for understanding is fast, making a great addition for photographers’ toolboxes, however, will
also be appreciated by social media, or website editors taking photos for a variety of reasons.

Click on the image above to view the app in the Mac App Store, or click here to download a free demo version for Mac or Windows.

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