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#UKEdChat Session 407 – Thursday 7th June 2018

We are social creatures. In most respects, humans are an unremarkable species without many amazing abilities, such as great strength, big teeth or flying. But we have each other, and as a result, we have prospered. The same is true in the classroom. We can do great things went we work together, but that is only true went we can work independently first. Independent learning doesn’t necessarily mean that you must hide away in your hermitage without the aid of the outside world, but instead means that you decide your own path and what resources you need to travel successfully along it.

In this session of #UKEdChat, we discussed what independent learning looks like for pupils and teachers in your setting and how it can be taken further.

There are a number of articles about independent learning in the latest UKEd Magazine. Read it free online here.

Questions from the session:

  1. What does ‘Independent Learning’ mean to you?
  2. Should we encourage independent learning if learning is a social activity?
  3. Cite examples of how your pupils were dependent on you as the teacher and now are independent.
  4. Are there aspects of learning where learners shouldn’t strive to be independent?
  5. How do we best guide and enable pupils to gain independence?
  6. What impact does having independent learners have on collaborative activities?
  7. Should teacher CPD be guided by the needs of the school, or the independent needs of the teacher?
  8. What methods do you use for independent professional learning and what has been the impact?

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