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#UKEdChat Session 408 – Thursday 14th June 2018

Moving from one school to another is a seminal moment in the lives of young people. Ensuring a smooth start can change how a pupil sees the school, their education and their future. Preparing adequately for a new school, or even a new school year is vital… and that is just the teachers!

In this session of #UKEdChat, we discussed how to best prepare pupils for changing classes or schools and how teachers should prepare before the pupils step into their classrooms in the new school year.


  1. What is the main purpose of managing transition?
  2. Do all students need some level of active transitioning by staff to a new class or school?
  3. Is managing transition seen as an important part of the teacher’s role, or a hoop to jump through?
  4. Do you think that the onus should be on primary or secondary staff to lead transition?
  5. Does a smooth transition mean that full teaching can start from day one?
  6. How do you involve pupils in the direction of their own transition process?
  7. What transitioning activities/initiatives have you seen which didn’t work well?
  8. What transitioning activities/initiatives have you seen which worked well?

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