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Using Twitter for Resources and Collaboration – This article originally appeared in Issue 48 of the UKEd Magazine. Click here to view.

We all hear about social media and how we should keep our profiles as private as possible but with the number of resources on Twitter, I think that it is an incredible platform for teachers to collaborate and share ideas. I have been on Twitter since it started and I would tweet to my favourite celebrities in the hopes that they replied and the day Lady Gaga followed me was a proud day. But, then I stopped using it, only really tweeting when my favourite author was doing a Q and A. But, a few months ago I attended an English teacher collaboration meeting and they brought up a resource they had found on Twitter. I didn’t even know Twitter could be used for that.

Having qualified in Canada, I am still learning about the British curriculum. Therefore, using and adapting resources I find on Twitter is an excellent resource. Sure, there are many websites, but communicating with the teachers themselves to discuss their resources or just to talk about strategies is an incredibly amazing outlet. Never had I heard about structure strips until that meeting and now I use them in my lessons and the kids love them!

@katrina259 Teacher of English – Slough, Berkshire

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