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#UKEdChat Session 411 – Thursday 5th July 2018

It seems that education policy changes with the seasons, but does the time of year change the learning in the classroom. With warm, sunny weather currently upon us in the UK, does this fundumentally change the dynamic and ‘feel’ of the classroom with open windows and access to outside areas of the school grounds? Do the seasons change the way we teach and what we teach? And what is the best stategy for pupils over the summer holiday?

In this session of #UKEdChat, we will discuss how to how to maximise learning opportunities in the summer season, both in school and over the holidays.


  1. Do you feel that learning changes in the summer term? If so, how?
  2. In your own school, what activities are only possible or easier during the summer?
  3. What are your main challenges during the summer term?
  4. When should a teacher switch focus on class(es) from this academic year to the next?
  5. Is the summer the best time for the longest school holiday of the year?
  6. What can we do while pupils are still in school to mitigate learning loss over long holidays?
  7. What should and shouldn’t pupils do over the summer to be prepared to learn for the new school year?
  8. What is the right balance for teachers preparing for school and taking some time out? (Will you be following your own advice?)

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