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The Character Conundrum How to Develop Confidence, Independence and Resilience in the Classroom













  • This book is very accessible, teaching and non-teaching staff can read this book and identify their role in contributing to the personal development of pupils.
  • Lloyd-Rose articulates growth mind-set, what is often an amorphous abstract concept in teaching.
  • The necessity of habitual practice is prominent through out the book. The author recognises how consistency of routines can affect mind-sets and consequently, student outcomes.

Review compiled by: Hope Wilton-Waddell

Supported by: Routledge Education Publishing

For many schools, consideration of character has come to the forefront of curriculum design. Teachers are encouraged to consider how they can develop strong positive personality traits and thereby facilitate progress in and out of the classroom. Whilst these ideas may not seem to be the most important aim of the education system, it does seem that the most successful schools have shifted their focus towards building character so that pupils might take responsibility and lead their learning experience.

The Character Conundrum encapsulated all that must be at the heart of every teacher as they pursue excellence and encourage their students unto success. Never one to skip an introduction, I was compelled by Matt’s scene setting. He encouraged all readers to stick with him as he sets out a series of practical recommendations to employ in classrooms that will not only lead to academic success but also allow our children to build their personalities and therefore become individual force fields of achievement. Following his compelling introduction is a list of references citing Harvard writings and the Teacher Bible that is “teach like a champion”. As you read, you can be sure that his words aren’t only fuelled by passion; they are upheld by research and much academic reason.

Beyond the introduction, this book delves into the importance of confidence, independence and resilience as the cornerstone of the development of pupils. The author uses case studies and quotes from teachers and children to evidence the impact of actively considering these skills and forming strategies to integrate their development in classroom teaching. Some strategies include:

  • Authentic praise
  • Encouragement of individuality and respect in the classroom
  • An emphasis on the love of mistakes
  • Demand that pupils draw on each other as leaders and teachers
  • Use quantitative and qualitative measurements for pupils to observe their own progress as they are challenged

The Character Conundrum explores solutions of the character conundrum aptly. Lloyd-Rose challenges teachers to see the most desolate classrooms as gold mines brimming with potential for growth. I appreciated his recognition of the day-to-day difficulties of being a teacher and the obvious value of experts within the teaching profession. Katie, Lian, Kayleigh and all other teachers that inspired Lloyd-Rose, thank you! Thank you for being great and inspiring to me, and thank you for empowering your students to be seasoned learners!

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